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Time Chimers: 4 Notable Minute Repeaters from SIHH 2015

It is not uncommon during the SIHH watch fair to hear the popping of Champagne corks and the clinking of glasses in the luxuriously appointed halls of Geneva’s Palexpo. This year, guests also heard the pleasant chiming of several new minute repeater best quality swiss replica watches from the exhibiting luxury watch brands. Here are four repeater watches from SIHH 2015 that caught our eye — and ear.

The A. Lange & Sohne Zeitwerk Minute Repeater is the first Lange watch to combine  jumping time displays for the hours and minutes with a 10-minute interval repeater. The simple, legible dial belies the complexities of the movement and its chiming mechanism.  Since the time can be read quickly (jumping hours are displayed in a window at 9 o’clock, minutes are on two discs of different heights at 3 o’clock, and small seconds at the bottom of the dial), the wearer can then turn his attention down to the bottom of the dial, where the two black-polished steel hammers for the minute repeater are readily visible on either side of the seconds subdial. When the pusher at 10 o’clock is pressed, the hammers strike the gong encircling the dial. The hours hammer, with a lower pitch, is on the left side; the higher-pitched minutes hammer is on the right. Ten-minute intervals are signaled via a “double tone”: the higher pitch is hit with the lower one immediately following. The maximum duration it takes to strike out the time (at 12:59) is approximately 20 seconds. For more detail on the Lange Zeitwerk Minute Repeater.

A Lange & Sohne Zeitwerk Minute Repeater soldier 560

To develop its prototype Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept RD#1, the luxury watch brand from Le Brassus partnered with the École Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), a Swiss organization dedicated to the study of acoustics. The result of their intensive sound research program is, according to AP, “the first chiming watch so acoustically considered as to become a sound concept in its own right.” By applying the principles of stringed instrument making to the development of the watch’s chiming mechanism, the brand has created a repeater discount fake watch with a significantly enhanced sound transmission. The movement features a brand-new, almost silent striking mechanism regulator, along with a column-wheel chronograph and a tourbillon.For more on this year’s Royal Oak Concept.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept Acoustic Research

While not truly a “grand complication” in the strictest sense of the term (it lacks, for example, a chronograph function), the Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Grand Complication was nevertheless regarded as one of the most impressive debuts at this year’s SIHH. This is in part because of its astounding thinness (the 45-mm platinum case is just 12.6 mm thick, while the skeletonized movement, Cartier Caliber 9406 MC, is a mere 5.49 mm thick) and also because of its incorporation of several major haute horlogerie functions, which include a flying tourbillon and perpetual calendar in addition to a minute repeater. The bottom of the dial showcases the minute repeater, which is equipped with an inertia-free fly wheel, with its hammers and gongs on display thanks to the openwork of the movement.

Cartier Grande Complication soldier 560

Jaeger-LeCoultre has created many minute repeater watches over its long history, but this year the grande maison from Le Sentier rolled out its first repeater in a ladies’ collection, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Ivy Minute Repeater, a timepiece that is striking in more ways than one. The high quality swiss replica watches gets its name from the ivy motif on the white gold, blue-enameled dial, which features diamonds in a snow setting on the curling ivy leaves — symbolizing, JLC says, the evening of winter’s first frost in the Vallée de Joux. The bezel, lugs, caseband, crown, and push-piece are also diamond-set, making for a total of 548 diamonds, including 255 on the dial. Inside the 39-mm case is the new automatic Caliber 942A, whose innovative repeater mechanism is fitted with two patented trebuchet hammers that strike two crystal gongs connected to the sapphire crystal. The mechanism is also equipped with a silent regulator to reduce peripheral sounds. The repeater is activated by a single push-button rather than a traditional slide, and features a security system that ensures that the movement will not be damaged if the push-button is inadvertently activated while the repeater is already in motion.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Ivy Minute Repeater

Hands-On Habring2 Felix Review – Made in Austria

There is a fair chance you never heard from this small watch brand from Austria, run by Maria and Richard Habring. We don’t blame you of course, but if this is the case, it is time you do learn about Habring2. This discount fake watch company was founded in 2004 and gained a tremendous amount of respect among watch enthusiasts and collectors world wide.

About time we spend some time with one of their watches. Actually, it is the watch that put Habring2 on the horological map of true manufactures. The Habring2 Felix is their first watch with an entirely in-house developed and produced movement, the caliber A11B. I was able to wear one for a couple of weeks and will share my thoughts about the Habring2 Felix with you in this review.

Habring2 Felix Review

Truth to be told, I don’t own a real modern dress watch today. My wife snatched my Chronoswiss Regulateur and the dress watches I do have (or can keep), are vintage ones with incredibly small diameters (for today’s standards). However, I do feel that I should have one actually – for quite a while now – but many of them are either making me think I am old or are just too expensive for me right now. Therefore, I was happy to see that this Habring2 Felix has a modern cut 38.5mm and only measures 7mm in height. A perfect size for a dress watch in my book.

You might think the Habring2 Felix looks a bit boring at first sight, but I’ve found the opposite to be true. Sure, the silvery white dial with stick markers and slim hands are far away from a cluttered dial, but for a dress offer good quality cheap watches it should be calm and easy on the eyes. The case is thin and the lugs are long and curved, making it a nice thin watch that will easily fit under any cuff. On top, you’ll find a smooth polished bezel and a spherical sapphire crystal. The winding crown has a perfect size compared to the case, yet big enough to be grasped easily by the owner. Winding the movement with the unsigned crown is a joy, as smooth as silk. I am not sure why Habring2 left the crown unsigned, but I also can’t come up with something they should have engraved in there.


As you can see below, the dial on the Habring2 Felix has some neat characteristics. The small seconds at 9 o’clock (this watch can also be delivered without, making it a two-hand watch) have this fine grain pattern in the sub dial. The Arabic ’12’ on top of the dial goes almost unnoticed, as it perfectly blends in with the eleven remaining stick markers. On request, the Habring2 Felix is also available with a Roman ‘XII’. Although I love my two-hand Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, and many praise it for having only two hands, I wonder whether the Habring2 Felix gets away with it as it will become even cleaner than it already is. The fine grain in the sub dial at 9 o’clock ‘breaks’ the dial a bit and makes it interesting to look at, over and over again. The Habring2 logo is written in this Italic font which looks playful and below there is a proud mention of the country of origin, Austria.

Habring2 Felix

The polished bezel and upper side of the lugs and brushed side of the watch makes the Habring2 Felix playful with sun light. Turning the cheap replica watches for sale around will give you a nice view on the in-house developed Habring2 caliber A11B movement. The Habring2 A11 movements will have a couple of variants, like the A11D (with date feature), A11S (jumping second) and a A11SD (you guessed it already, a date and jumping second). However, the Felix is coming with the A11B movement. A beautiful 30mm hand-wound movement with 48-hours of power reserve and finished (polished edges, perlage, engravings) by hand.

The escapement is anti-magnetic and the KIF shock protection complies to DIN and NIHS standards. The Habring2 caliber A11B movement has 18 jewels, ticks at 28,800vph and consists of 99 parts in total.

Habring2 FelixHabring2 Felix

The watch Habring2 sent me came on this beautiful ostrich strap that matched nicely with the dial of the watch. On the official website the Habring2 Felix is being pictured with a brown calf strap, but for formal occasions I’d prefer the ostrich strap it came on.

I’ve worn the watch for quite a while which tells me that it is an easy and comfortable watch to wear. Some watches that I receive for review – or that I even own myself – are becoming uncomfortable or better said, it requires a bit of effort to wear them after a while. This Habring2 Felix, despite the statement I wrote earlier in this review about it being a bit boring looking at first sight, is something I could buy myself and even more important, wear for a long time.

It might not be the conversation maker you’d want it to be, as there is enough you can tell and explain about this watch, but the average conversation partner is not very likely to identify it. However, other (watch) people will surely appreciate the looks of the watch and then it is up to you – the wearer – to show them the nice in-house movement and tell them about this small manufacture from Austria. From the start I liked the in-house movement and the clean look of this Austrian watch, the design was something I started to appreciate even more after time.

Habring2-Felix-002Perhaps the best thing is yet to come, as I didn’t mention the price tag on this Habring2 Felix manufacture timepiece. Where some watch brands are even unable to deliver you a flawlessly working watch with 3rd party movement from ETA or the likes, Maria and Richard Habring decided to put their Habring2 Felix on the market for € 4450 Euro. To be honest, that’s something I didn’t expect when I first looked at the best quality replica watches and then decided to read all the papers (stating the price) that came with the package. After a short inspection of the watch I really thought this watch would be in a higher price region. The finish is awesome, there are no design flaws and for a small company, they produce their own movements, that won’t be a cheap watch (but my initial guess was still below €8000 Euro).

Not only do you buy a real manufacture watch, you also buy replica watch from two nice people that have a visible passion and dedication for what they do and appreciate that you are willing to spend your money on one of their fine timepieces (something big brands are taking for granted more and more as it seems). This is something that goes for a lot of independent brands, but Habring2 is the one that is able to deliver something truly interesting at a very reasonable price point.

Swiss Horological Smartwatch

Die Swiss Horological Smartwatch ist eine Synthese aus Hightech- Innovation und traditioneller Schweizer Uhrmacherkunst; sie verbindet Modernität und Tradition und schlägt eine Brücke zwischen dem Silicon Valley und der Schweiz. Die Swiss Horological Smartwatch besitzt kein digitales Display. Stattdessen zeigen die stilvollen lasergeschnittenen Zeiger auf dem Zifferblatt der Uhr Informationen in analoger Form an. So bewahren sich die Swiss Horological Smartwatches ihre natürliche klassische Schönheit und bieten gleichzeitig alle Vorzüge des „Quantified Self“, der „Selbstvermessung“, ohne dass jemals ein Akku aufgeladen werden müsste.


Der von MotionX patentierte Antrieb, der die Informationen verschiedener Sensoren zusammenführt, erfasst äußerst präzise Aktivitäts- und Schlafmuster. Die Informationen zu Aktivität und Schlaf werden in Echtzeit auf dem stilvollen traditionellen analogen Zifferblatt der Swiss Horological cheap replica watches angezeigt und automatisch mit Apps auf Apple- und Android-Smartphones synchronisiert. Die iOS- und Android-Apps zeigen anschließend mithilfe von einfachen und gut verständlichen Grafiken, wie viel Bewegung und Schlaf der Träger der Uhr im Laufe des Tages, der Woche oder des Monats hatte. Diese Daten helfen den Nutzern, sich selbst besser zu verstehen, und verbessern zusammen mit angemessenen Zielsetzungen und einem intelligenten Coaching ihr Wohlbefinden. Für einen besseren Schlaf und aktiveren Lebensstil zu sorgen, gilt weithin als einfache, aber effektive positive Verhaltensänderung. Die Swiss Horological Smartwatch kombiniert jetzt die Funktionen der Technologieplattform MotionX mit einem Luxuszeitmesser.


MMT (Manufacture Modules Technologies Sàrl) ist ein neues Schweizer Joint Venture des im Silicon Valley ansässigen Unternehmens Fullpower Technologies, Inc. und den Eigentümern der Frédérique Constant Group.


Seine Aufgabe ist es, die MotionX-365 Horological Smartwatch Open Platform mit der Schweizer Uhrenindustrie zu verknüpfen. Fullpower entwickelt das schematische Design, die Firmware, die Smartphone-Apps sowie die Cloud-Infrastruktur und stellt sie MMT zur Verfügung. MMT leitet die Entwicklung und Fertigung von Schweizer Uhrwerken (auch als Module bezeichnet), in welche die Fullpower-Technologie integriert ist, vergibt Lizenzen für die MotionX-365 Horological Smartwatch Platform an die Schweizer Uhrenindustrie und bietet den notwendigen Support buy replica swiss watches . MMT hat seinen Hauptsitz in Genf.


Die ersten Partner von MMT sind der Genfer Hersteller von klassischen Luxusuhren Frédérique Constant und der 1883 gegründete Schweizer Sportuhrenhersteller Alpina. Diese beiden führenden Marken werden mehr als 10 verschiedene Modelle in Designer-Kollektionen sowohl für Damen wie für Herren anbieten, die über die MMT-Technologieplattform MotionX gesteuert werden und eine 24/7-MotionX-Aktivitäts- und -Schlaferfassung, eine über zweijährige Batterielebensdauer sowie eine weltweite Kompatibilität mit Apple- und Android-Smartphones bietet. Swiss Horological Smartwatches für Damen und Herren sind weltweit ab Juni 2015 in den Geschäften erhältlich.